Prospectuses 2011-2012
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The Evolution of Stars 

Course ID
third quarter
Teaching methods
  • 10 hrs computer course
  • 16 hrs lecture
  • 16 hrs problem session
Year 1 of physics and mathematics
  • The student understands the stellar structure equations
  • The student can solve these equation for simple cases
  • The student knows the evolution of stars and can describe this, both in terms of observable quantities as well as in terms of the physical processes that take place in the core of stars
  • The student understands the concept of homology and can apply this

Stars are the building blocks of the Universe. Understanding their formation, evolution and final fate is crucial for our understanding of the Universe. How is the energy generated that makes stars shine for billions of years? How do stars form, how do they reach long during equilibrium configurations? How do compact objects such as white dwarfs, neutron stars and black holes form? All the questions will be addressed in this course. The equations governing stellar structure will be used to understand the stability, energy production and evolution of stars.

Schriftelijk tentamen(80%), programmeeropdracht (20%) plus een bonuspunt voor de werkcollegeopdrachten


  • D. Prialnik, An introduction to the Theory of Stellar structure and evolution, 2nd edition, 2009, Cambridge University Press, ISBN  9780521866040
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