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Radiation Processes 

Course ID
second quarter
Teaching methods
  • 16 hrs lecture
  • 16 hrs problem session
Kaleidoscoop Sterrenkunde, Electromagnetism 1&2.
  • The student know the basic principles of radiation processes
  • The student can calculate the radiation from accelerated charges
  • The student knows the most relevant radiation processes in the universe
  • The student can calculate in which cases synchrotron, cyclotron, or bremsstrahlung are dominant
  • The student knows about major astronomical sources of radiation and their associated radiation processes
  • The student is capable of studying the topics of the lectures himself, and of presenting them orally
Almost all the information we receive from the Universe is based on electromagnetic radiation. In this course we examine the basic processes that lead to electromagnetic radiation from astrophysical objects, such as thermal black body radiation, synchrotron radiation, cyclotron radiation, Compton scattering, Bremsstrahlung and inverse Compton scattering.
Groupwise the students will study one chapter of the textbook and present it to the rest of the students. Active participation in discussions on the subjects that will be presented  is expected from all students. The lectures are mandatory.

Schriftelijk tentamen of mondelinge presentatie/voordracht (wordt tijdens het college afgesproken)

Written exam or oral presentation (this will be decided during the lectures)



  • Ribicki & Lightman, Radiative Processes in Astrophysics (paperback), John Wiley & Sons Inc., 1985, ISBN 978-0471827597
  • Lecture notes can be found on Blackboard