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Telescope Observing 

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Throughout the year, on individual basis
Teaching methods
  • 100 hrs individual project work without guidance
Astronomisch Practicum I and/or II.
  • Gaining insight into the working of professional observatories
  • Gaining knowledge on the preparation, execution and analysis of observing runs
  • Gaining deeper insight into the working of spectrographs, wide field cameras or radio interferometers
  • Understanding the basics of astronomical data reduction.

Astronomical observations are obtained on large scale international observing facilities. The student will spend a number of nights at an observatory obtaining observations and doing first line data reductions. The data will be obtained as part of running observing programs of the staff of the Department of Astrophysics. Possible observatories where the observations will be conducted include the Westerbork Synthesis  Radio Telescope, the optical telescopes at the Anglo-Dutch Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes at La Palma and the telescopes of the European Southern Observatory (ESO) in Chile. In preparation for these observing trips, students will be required to operate the optical and radio telescopes at the University of Nijmegen.

This course is only open to students of the masters track 'Astrophysics', and who have started their Masters Research project. Contact prof.dr. P.J. Groot to start the project.


Essay on the basis of an observing run. 



Depends on the project and will be handed out during the course

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Extra information
Only open for Master students in Astrophysics. The course will be done during the Masters thesis research project.